Sodus Art Banck, LLC
The Sodus Art Banck, LLC in upstate New York is accepting applications for the 2012 Residency/Artist's Retreat season.  Painters, Sculptors, Mixed Media visual artists, or artists desiring to work in collaboration, may apply for 3-4 week sessions.  For a nominal fee, artists are provided private rooms in a Victorian house, studios in a turn of the century bank building, outdoor sculpture gardens, and optional participation in intense creative workshops, or may rejuvenate their spirit biking/kayaking around the Finger Lakes and nearby Sodus Bay.

Mission Statement:

In our applicant selection process we endeavor to pick residents who are experienced artists with unusually creative or expressive directions.  When this special group of individualists come together, magic surfaces as exploration and invention become the norm.

We acknowledge artistic need for a creative environment in which to work and healthy professional dialogue, supportive of one's aesthetic direction(s).

Recognizing and encouraging unique artistic direction, The Sodus Art Banck, LLC Residency offers an exceptional opportunity to work with a small but select group of artists - mutually dedicated to the advancement of personal expressive directions and emerging artistic identities.


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